culver city public market June 13, 2018 6:08 pm

Regency Centers, together with Urbanspace, are developing a public market in Culver City at Washington Blvd and Centinela Avenue. Touted as the Downtown’s Grand Central Market for the Westside, Culver City Public Market will turn the area into a shopping and dining destination.

What To Expect

The public market will focus around a market hall. This type of anchor is the key to past Urbanspace projects.

Urbanspace will look to creatives and chefs to determine the best fit for the market. The point of the market hall will be to highlight talented chefs along with theater experiences. Imagine a destination for more than shopping, but one with the best restaurants in LA and the greatest theater. This space will also be used for special and charitable events as a way to connect the market with those that shop there.

Regency Centers is known for finding the best mix of local and national retailers. You can expect to find a hand-selected array of stores that reflect the area. In addition to the stores, there will be relaxing areas for dining and gathering with friends.

Without a doubt, the Culver City Public Market will become a destination in its own right.

About Urbanspace

Urbanspace was founded in 1972. Over the past 46 years, they have learned the art of connecting local merchants with chefs to enhance the customer experience. They have completed more than 50 projects throughout New York and United Kingdom.

Since the focus of the Culver City Public Market is the market hall area, Urbanspace was a natural fit for the project.

To learn more about revitalization happening on the Westside, give me a call. I’d love to talk with you about the joys of living in the area and the exciting projects on the horizon.

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