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The Big Why: Of all the hundreds of thousands of Real Estate websites on the Internet, you are reading this web page right now. Why?

Because we spend the money it takes to get the job done and are strategic about where we spend those $’s. We’ll deliver the same results for you!

Put simply, The Raskin Group’s President, Brett Raskin has a reputation as a marketing genius and has personally managed Millions of $’s in Real Estate Marketing throughout his career. Brett knows the perfect blend of Internet and traditional marketing that will get your home sold for the optimum price and quickly.

Ron Wynn’s thirty plus years of experience selling homes in upscale parts of Los Angeles positions him with a vast network and many ongoing professional advisory relationships, producing a flow of prospective, qualified clients. He is known for his savvy negotiating skills and creative approach to turning the impossible to possible.

Together, Ron and Brett are experts in pricing strategies, negotiation, and the art of positioning luxury homes for sale. The key to our success is that we are consultants – not salespeople. We provide the best real time data and facts to help our clients make the best decisions. We never press or try to convince our clients to do anything they don’t want to do.

Please sign up now, and Brett will personally contact you to discuss the exceptional details of what Ron Wynn and Brett Raskin can do for you.

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