ocean avenue project February 1, 2018 12:10 am

In the planning stages since 2007, the Ocean Avenue Project has continued to evolve. Changes are due to outreach to residents and community stakeholders in downtown Santa Monica. Just recently, a revised design concept by Frank Gehry was released showing a beautiful mixed-use complex.

What Is the Ocean Avenue Project?

The Ocean Avenue Project is a two-acre site that sits at Ocean Avenue and Santa Monica Boulevard. Overlooking the Ocean, including the Santa Monica Pier, the land for the project sits at the end of a major pedestrian thoroughfare.

Since 2007, the Worthe family and Gehry Partners have worked to create a project that is beautiful and functional. For example, the project will enhance historic landmarks, provide for cultural activities, bring in affordable housing, offer entertainment, and provide lodging for visitors to Santa Monica’s downtown area. The point of the design is to create a location that brings together the past and the future.

In the past 11 years, the design team has asked for and received input from those in the community. Additionally, the Architectural Review Board has had immense input into the design. This has kept the maximum height of buildings in line with current buildings in the area, helped to maximize views, and keep historic buildings in project plans.

New Drawings

Recently, there have been some new drawings for the Ocean Avenue project. In addition to removing an existing building on the corner, the plans call for adding several mid-rise buildings. These buildings will house:

  • 79 apartment units
  • 40,000 square-feet for a museum
  • Hotel
  • Street-front shops and restaurants
  • Open space with courtyards and paseos
  • 3,500 square-foot observation deck

Other changes include:

  • Incorporation of two landmarked buildings into the museum
  • Reduction of building height from 244 feet to 130 feet
  • Increased number of rental units, including affordable housing and family units, while removing condo units

Although the Ocean Avenue Project does not include owner-occupied residential space, the project will make the downtown area of Santa Monica a better place to buy and sell homes. With more walkability, increased cultural activities, and a beautifully designed area, downtown will become even more vibrant. Call me today with any questions you may have about real estate in Santa Monica.

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