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Beverlywood started out in the 1940’s with small middle-class homes. These days, most of the original homes have been leveled to make room for much larger homes. Although the start of Beverlywood was modest, its amazing location close to Beverly Hills, coupled with its fabulous schools and low crime rates, make it an up and coming community.

History of Beverlywood

Walter J Leimert, a well-known real estate developer, announced the housing tract that became known as Beverlywood in 1940. The site didn’t seem that appealing at the time. There were no trees, an intersection in the middle of the countryside, empty sidewalks, and a lone streetlight. In the distance, one could see oil derricks.

However, Leimert saw far more. With the development going up next to Cheviot Hills and not far from Beverly Hills, he felt that Beverlywood could be the area’s next big population center.

His development lagged during WWII, like most other developments during that time. But, once the returning veterans got home with a GI Bill mortgage in hand, Beverlywood took off like a rocket. Residents could pick one of five style homes to put on the curvy roads and cul-de-sacs. For those in the middle-class, this was the perfect area to settle down.

In time, the area met Leimert’s expectations. It has become a high-end community that has left its middle-class roots behind.

City Highlights

Why has Beverlywood become so popular? Let’s look at just a few reasons.

  • It is close to Century City, Culver City, and Beverly Hills.
  • It is within walking distance to Pico Boulevard with its great shops and restaurants
  • Rancho Park Golf Course and Hillcrest Country Club offer nearby golfing for enthusiasts
  • Homes have stayed within families for years
  • Median sales prices of single-family homes were up by 13.7% in October of 2017
  • Public schools are fantastic, with both Castle Heights Elementary and Canfield Avenue Elementary scoring an eight on a ten-point scale.

If you’d like to learn more about this thriving community, feel free to contact me. If you currently live in Beverlywood but would like to sell your home, I’d be happy to help.

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