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By now, you’ve noticed the newly extended Expo line that has connected Culver City to Santa Monica. Beginning this past May when the line opened, residents have made this metro more popular than just about any other in the US.

Why is this Expo Line making headlines as far away as New York? Here are a few reasons those on The Westside were happy to see it completed.

Vehicle-Free Lifestyle

Locals are happy to experience a lifestyle less bound by vehicles.With traffic gridlock, a common occurrence around LA, the ability to leave you car parked safely away but still being able to experience life in the city is a common desire. In fact, having the amenities of city life, walkability, a

nd the availability of easy transit are top considerations among current home buyers are seeking. This has made housing near newly opened stations rise dramatically.

Expo map

Expanded Businesses

As people flock to the new stations along the Expo Line, new businesses and developers are taking advantage of the crowds. There are several new projects from Culver City to Santa Monica that attract people to live, work, and play in the area. Some of them include:

  • 8777 Washington: This project incorporates 28,000 sq ft of open space, almost 30,000 sq ft of office space, and 80 housing units.
  • Platform: High-end retail and 60,000 sq ft of office space with underground parking
  • Casden West LA: 15,000 sq ft of retail with 600 residential units
  • Martin Expo Town Center: 81,000 sq ft of retail space, 516 units of housing, and public plaza space.
  • 11916 Pico Boulevard: 100 housing units and 2,000 sq ft of restaurant space
  • 500 Broadway: 249 housing units and 68,000 sq ft of retail space
  • Lincoln Boulevard Collection: 100 “high-profile units” and 13,000 sq ft of retail space
  • 1415 5th Street: 64 units of housing, 6345 sq ft of retail space, pedestrian plaza, and a third-floor common area.


What’s better than getting from one place to another without the traffic? Doing so with style.

The Expo Line expansion from Culver City to Santa Monica recently won the Business Council’s 47th annual LA Architectural Awards. This award is given to local projects that are both beautiful and help the city improve the quality of life of its residents. Concerning this award, Mayor Eric Garcetti said, “Los Angeles is where art, culture and commerce come together and the Architectural Awards help us celebrate what L.A. offers to the world.

With the addition of the Expo Line expansion, The Westside will experience some positive growth. Feel free to contact me about other revitalization projects in the area and how they affect your home buying and selling needs.


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